Impex factory

In the Impex factory near Frankfurt, Germany, all essential components of the wide range of poultry and pig watering systems are produced, assembled and tested by state of the art machines and robots.

Machinery: For the production Impex uses modern machines with CNC technology. These exceptionally fast CAM-controlled machines combine flexibility, accuracy, speed and reliability: characteristics perfectly suited to Impex.

Robot assembly: The various drinking nipple components are assembled into complete nipples by robots. These robots are designed and developed for and by Impex. In addition to assembling the nipple drinkers, the robots test and check each individual nipple for leakage to ensure optimal quality and water flow.

Quality control: In addition to the 100% individual nipple drinking control by robots, the products are checked with high precision equipment through various analyses on roughness, roundness, flatness, squareness and thickness. Durability testing is also carried out to simulate and guarantee many years of use.

To stay ahead in knowledge, quality and service, Impex continuously invests in its machinery and employees. By keeping up-to-date, Impex maintains its high standard of quality while increasing the production capacity.