Mission and vision

The world population is growing, and the demand for healthy and protein-rich foods such as chicken meat and eggs is increasing. Impex contributes to meet this demand. Our automatic drinking water systems are a modest, but vital link in intensive livestock farming.

Our mission: To contribute to efficient animal management and to achieve optimal hygiene by developing and producing high-quality products, which we distribute through our world-wide network of specialized dealers. With our advanced automatic drinking water systems, we wish to exceed the expectations of our customers and end users.

Impex is a leading global player. To maintain this position and promote further development, we continuously invest in innovation and education. We are also closely involved in research, such as animal behaviour, and are alert to market developments and the needs of our customers. These lead to creating innovative products, which effectively improve the operational management of the end users. In our vision poultry, pigs and other livestock always drink the cleanest water possible in the optimal quantity.

We carry out our mission with a clear philosophy in which cooperation is the key: mutually between our employees and with our customers, suppliers and knowledge partners.
As a family business - Impex is now led by the second generation - we are a flexible, reliable and well-organized partner with whom it is pleasant to work. Our staff is professional and enthusiastic and is able to quickly react due to an efficient organization.
At Impex we value personal contact and long-term relationships as continuity is of greater importance to us than rapid growth.

Our approach leads to business results, which allow us to continuously invest in achieving our vision with our focus on improving ourselves and our products.