Drinking equipment

Cattle nipple drinkers

AquaGlobe drinking nipples with ball valve for pigs and calves. High pressure. Various types available upon request. 
Article number Description
53.00.92210 Calf nipple 1/2" stainless steel with brass connection
53.00.92260 Calf nipple 1/2" stainless steel
53.00.92266 Pig nipple 1/2" stainless steel LP
Calf and bull nipples, stainless steel with 1/2" brass connection. Adjustable water flow. 
Article number Description
53.00.19202 Calf nipple 1/2", length 70 mm
53.00.19201 Bull nipple 3/4", length 85 mm
53.00.92101 Lever with rubber for calf nipple
53.00.92201 Lever with rubber for bull nipple
53.00.92104 Spring for bull nipple
53.00.92204 Spring for calf nipple