Dosatron dosage pump

A known way to treat livestock is to add medicine and vitamins to the drinking water. It has proven to be the most effective way to treat the animals with vaccines and to keep them healthy. It also saves time and costs as all the animals are treated simultaneously.

Adding vitamins and medication to the drinking water is the most simple way to reach all animals without wasting any of the expensive treatment. With the Dosatron liquid dosage pump this goes automatically and without any trouble. The dosage pump is operated by water pressure and works without electricity. The Dosatron is installed directly in the water supply line and is powered by the water flow, which activates it to draw the required percentage of concentrate directly from the container and injected into the water. The well mixed solution in the Dosatron is forced by water pressure further into the system. The concentrate dosage is directly proportional to the volume of water entering the Dosatron, regardless of any possible pressure or flow variations.

At Impex we are focused on the water supply for animals. That is one of the reasons we started to import the Dosatron liquid dosage pumps many years ago. These dosage pumps make it possible to dosage a very precise and equal amount of additives to the drinking water. In this way it is very easy to vaccinate chickens, pigs and rabbits. Dosatron has many different types of pumps for every type of livestock. To find out which type suits you it off course depends on the type of animal, type of housing and the water consumption.

The Dosatron dosage pump can also be used to precisely dosage disinfectants and acids to clean the drinking lines. This is the perfect addition to the existing I-Flush total hygiene solution by Impex, that flushes the drinking lines by means of sensors.

If you already have a Dosatron dosage pump and are in need of any replacement parts, Impex also has many spare parts in stock at all times.