I-Flush automatic flushing system

I-Flush automatic flushing system

Flushing your drinking water with an automatic flushing system is the ideal solution to improve your drinking water quality. Optimal hygiene is essential in a poultry house, and drinking water plays a crucial role in this because your poultry needs the right amount of clean and fresh drinking water to perform as well as possible. The water should be cool, colourless, tasteless, and free of biofilm and other harmful bacteria.

But how do you monitor this in a closed drinking system? And more importantly, what do you do when it turns out that something is wrong?

The system parts are perfectly coordinated to ensure that your poultry always has clean, fresh and cool drinking water.

The I-Flush automatic flushing system consists of the following components:

  1. Flush computer
  2. Pressure regulator
  3. Actuator
  4. End air outlet set
  5. Biofilm and temperature sensors
  6. Water detection system

I-Flush automatic flushing system


The sensors measure the water quality in the drinking lines and are then sent to the flushing computer. The computer compares the information with the parameters set during installation. If the measured values ​​exceed these settings, the computer will signal the actuators to flush the drinking lines.

To prevent excessive flushing, you can set a maximum number of flushings. As soon as the maximum number of flushes is reached, you will receive a notification from the flush computer to take action.


Pre-programmed settings

There are various pre-programmed flushing settings available for rearing hens, laying hens or broilers, but it is also possible to put together your own flushing program. This allows you to put together a program that perfectly matches your preferences.

For example, you can personalize the settings of the flush computer in the following ways:

  • Determine the duration of the flushing per drinking line
  • Calculate and set the amount of water required
  • Interrupt the flushing program when administering medication
  • Determine whether you want to flush per line or all lines automatically



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