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How does taste influence chicken water consumption?
10 June 2020

Chickens are much more sensitive to flavours in water than flavours in food. The sense of taste can have a big influence on the drinking behaviour of a chicken.

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Drinking water management: What does a broiler chick need?
20 May 2020

Do you know what the height of the drinking line should be or what the correct values are when it comes to drinking water quality? This infographic shows it all

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Let's talk about water: Raymond Veldhuizen
25 March 2020

In 2011, Raymond Veldhuizen started keeping 24,000 organic laying hens. In 2018 he exchanged his former drinking system for an Impex drinking system.

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Case: Water wastage and wet manure
20 March 2020

After switching to a closed drinking system, this Russian poultry farm had problems with water wastage and wet manure. But what caused this?

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8 simple tips for drinking water vaccination
13 March 2020

A drinking water system is the perfect tool to administer poultry vaccines or other agents. We give you 8 simple tips to optimize your vaccination.

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How can you prevent tail biting in pigs?
28 February 2020

There are several factors that play a role in tail biting, like stress and boredom. But how do you prevent pigs from seeing each other as distraction material?

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Why you should prevent the build-up of biofilm
24 January 2020

The consequences of biofilm in the drinking line are generally underestimated, while optimal production results mainly depend on good drinking water quality.

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How an automatic flushing system can reduce the use of antibiotics
18 December 2019

In more and more countries, the use of antibiotics must be reduced to prevent resistance. But how can you prevent your poultry from needing antibiotics?

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The three most common causes of water wastage
26 November 2019

Reducing water wastage will always save you money. By keeping an eye on these three points, you can tackle the most common problems and increase your results.

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Want to reduce spillage of untrimmed laying hens?
12 September 2019

Untrimmed laying hens have more difficulty drinking from the drinking nipples. Here are several ways you can maintain the water intake and reduce spillage.

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The importance of water for pigs
15 June 2016

Water is a key ingredient for every organism; thus, also for pigs. Water is in fact the most important nutrient consumed by the pig during its lifetime. Pigs require water...

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Management of nipple drinkers for pigs
09 December 2015

Effective water management contributes to a good foundation for a healthy pig, but this is often neglected. At birth, the body weight of a piglet is 82 percent water. By the time...

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Seven ways to avoid sow heat stress in hot weather
15 June 2015

Heat stressed sows have a greater potential to experience seasonal infertility, smaller litter sizes, decreased embryo survival rates and death.Heat stress can have a major impact on sow performance and...

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Bird welfare requires the best and most attractive nipple
30 March 2015

For decades we have been told that red is the colour that attract chickens the most. For other drinker and drinking behaviour characteristics we too go by basic principles formulated...

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