Impex decides to cancel participation from exhibitions in 2020

18 May 2020


Unfortunately, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is still spread around the world and at present no one can reliably predict the future development of the virus. This uncertainty has therefore made us decide to cancel all remaining exhibition participations worldwide in 2020.


Health and safety priority

We consider the exchange of information and the personal contact at exhibitions to be very important. But we do not want to take any health risks in the interest of our customers, employees and other business partners. By not participating and not travelling to the exhibitions, we believe we can contribute to reduce the risk of further contamination of the virus. Health and safety has herein priority and we therefore think this step is unfortunately necessary.


We keep in touch

Should the situation around the corona pandemic change fundamentally, we will take the development into account. Until then, we will continue to focus on using other resources, especially digital media and presentations, to continue to inform our customers and business partners regarding our new developments.