Marking sprays and anti-stress devices

Marking spray, spray cans containing 500 ml. 
Article number Description
52.07.25411 Marking spray red
52.07.25412 Marking spray blue
52.07.25413 Marking spray green
Livestock marker Raidex 60 ml, for livestock marking. High quality, suitable for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. 
Article number Description
52.07.25511 Marker red
52.07.25512 Marker blue
52.07.25513 Marker green
52.07.25514 Marker black
Anti-stress play ball for pigs, made of practically indestructible plastic. 17 cm Ø. With mounting eyelet, without chain. 
Article number Description
52.07.26000 Blue with vanilla scent
52.07.26001 Mounting chain with hook
The Porkyplay distinguishes itself from other toys as it is made of biodegradable material with an antibacterial function, killing 99.9 % of E.coli bacteria. Other specific characteristics are the unique design and various scents. There is a choice of five scents so that the pig has the idea of having a new toy when a different scent is used. While playing with the toy, the scent intensifies and the pigs play longer, reducing stress and tail biting. Porkyplay with suspension chain. 

Article number Description
52.07.27001 Green, apple scent
52.07.27002 Gold, truffle scent
52.07.27003 Burgundy, anise scent
52.07.27004 Yellow, vanilla scent
52.07.27005 Brown, chocolate scent
Porkyplay without suspension chain. 
Article number Description
52.07.27010 Green, apple scent
52.07.27020 Gold, truffle scent
52.07.27030 Burgundy, anise scent
52.07.27040 Yellow, vanilla scent
52.07.27050 Brown, chocolate scent