Meteorological instruments

Mini-maxi thermometer with rain/dust cover, PVC, for wall mounting. Optional name or logo imprint. Registration range: -30ºC - 50ºC . 
Article number Description
76.00.78150 Mini-maxi thermometer, Celcius reading
Room thermometer, wood. Registration range: -40ºC - 50ºC. 
Infra-red laser thermometer. This non-contact thermometer measures the surface temperature of an object quickly and easily. Including carrying case and 2 AAA batteries 1.5V.
  • Measurement range: -50 - 400ºC
  • Accuracy: ±2%
  • Response time: 1 sec
Hygrometer, black PVC body with brass ring. 
Article number Description
76.00.78161 Hygrometer 7 cm Ø
76.00.78162 Hygrometer 10 cm Ø
CTH5 digital thermo- hygrometer with adjustable temperature registration in Celcius or Fahrenheit and memory function. Used hanging or standing. 1 AAA battery 1.5V.
  • Registration range: -10ºC - 60ºC / +14ºF - 140ºF
  • Humidity: 10-99% R.H.
Article number Description
76.00.78110 Digital thermo-hygrometer
Mechanical thermostats give reliable and accurate readings for heating, cooling and ventilation control in poultry and pig houses. These thermostats have a large spiral for rapid response to temperature changes and a clear temperature scale. The case is completely closed and weather-resistant. Supplied with union and nut.
  • Temperature range: 0 - 40ºC
  • Differential: 1 - 1.5ºC
  • Max. load: 16 amp, 250V
Article number Description
76.00.66116 TH 215, single thermostat
76.00.66162 T 15-2, 2 thermostats in a case. Each thermostat is individually adjusted
The Kestrel weather meter has numerous functions to measure the actual weather conditions with unmatched accuracy and convenience. It is waterproof and durable with a hard PVC protection cover and hanging cord.
  • Kestrel 1000: Measures wind speed rapidly and accurately
  • Kestrel 3000: Measures temperature, relative humidity, wind chill and heat stress index.
Article number Description
76.00.78100 Kestrel 1000 wind meter
76.00.78200 Kestrel 3000 weather meter