Impex closed water drinking systems are suitable for various types of poultry: broilers, layers, pullets, parent stock and free-range birds.

Advantages of closed water drinking systems:

  • Optimal hygiene;
  • Better water temperature;
  • Minimal water wastage;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Little maintenance;
  • Always enough watering points;
  • Optimal supply of medication and additives;
  • Dry manure;
  • Lower humidity, less ammonia.

How the system works
The main water supply is the water source of the drinking system. Water pressure is reduced to about 1.5 - 2 bar by a main pressure reducer with a combined or separate filter. The water at reduced pressure flows through a water meter where the water consumption can be read. Hereafter the water can be directed through an optional medicine proportioner to add medicine and/or vitamins to the water. The filtered water is directed by a pipe system to the pressure regulator of each individual drinking line. The pressure regulator enables low pressure for optimal nipple and (drink)cup drinker functioning. The pressure is set by the pressure regulator and can be verified by the water level in the air outlet set. The water is now available to the birds from the nipples or (drink)cups.

Nipple drinking systems with drip cup
The nipples of these systems are designed for broilers, layers, rearing and parent stock. As the water supply is higher, a drip cup is needed to catch the spilling water of the birds.

Nipple drinking systems without drip cup
The nipples of these systems are designed for broilers and ducks. They are closed by both a stainless steel ball and pin in s/s seatings. As the water supply is low, no drip cup is needed. In our factory the poultry nipples are mounted in four standard nipple distances in a square PVC tubing in 3.03 m lengths. (The quantity of nipples is dependent on the quantity and type of poultry and the number of drinking lines). The nipple tubing is connected by special fastening brackets to the stabilizing pipe or aluminium profile. The nipple lines are suspended by a winch system with hanging points at 3 meter intervals.

1 tubing length unit 3.03 m consists of:

  • 1 PVC nipple tubing length, 3.03 m
  • 1 PVC tubing connector
  • 2 Clamps for PVC tubing connector
  • Drinking nipples (20, 15, 12 or 10 nipples per 3.03 m)
  • Drip cups (only for nipple drinking systems with drip cup)


  • 1 Aluminium profile 3.03 m
  • 1 Aluminium connection strip
  • 5 Fastening clamps

Or with:

  • 1 Stabilizing tubing 3.03 m 26.7 mm Ø
  • 5 Fastening clamps