Drinking equipment

Anti-perch systems

Anti-perch systems prevent birds from sitting on the drinking line. Used for rearing, layers, parent stock and free range birds and in systems with stabilization tubing. 
Mounting set for mounting the Electric shock anti-perch wire. Required 2 per line. 
Article number Description
15.00.67715 Anti-perch wire mounting set I-Flow for stabilizing tube
Article number Description
15.00.67800 Anti-perch wire, 1.5 mm galvanized
60.07.90020 S-hook 4 x 11 x 35 mm
There is a choice of two types * Electric shock controller with anti-perch wire * and double anti-perch wire system. 
Double anti-perch wire system. An extra wire can be mounted (number of lines x length + 3 m extra per line x 2) so that no electric shocker is required. A special suspension bracket can be used with a drinking system with 26.7 mm Ø stabilization tube. Per 3 mtr drinking line 5 suspension brackets + S-hook 
Article number Description
25.04.24011 Hanging clamp Ø 26.7 x 22 mm double anti perch
With a drinking system with stabilization tube with a different diameter or aluminum profile, an attachment bracket is mounted. The mounting bracket is mounted over the existing suspension bracket. Per suspension point 2 mounting brackets + 1 S-hook + per line 3 mounting brackets with screw and nut extra. 
Article number Description
15.00.67705 Support bracket double anti-perch wire
12.01.10007 Metal nut
12.01.10010 Metal screw
Electric shocker with anti perch wire. Necessary anti perch wire: number of lines x length + 3 m extra per line. 
Article number Description
15.00.54200 Electric shocker M50-Energizer is extremely suitable for keeping poultry away from sitting on the drinking lines. The M50 is very easy to install. The energizer uses minimal power and ensures reliable animal control with built in lightning protection.
15.00.67800 Anti perch wire, 1.5 mm galvanized (length of each drinking line + 3 mtr extra per line)