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Drinking systems for turkeys

Turkey drinking systems

This drinking system is designed for turkeys of all ages. An oval start cup is available for day-old turkeys. For the first few days the water level in the cup can be raised by using the small ball. For adult turkeys a larger cup or a special drip cup ring to enlarge the start cup is available.

Day-old turkeys: 30-40 birds per drinker
Adult turkeys: 15-30 birds per drinker, dependent on sex and weight

Advantages of the nipple cup system for turkeys:
• Designed for turkeys of all ages
• Optimal functioning
• No water wastage and always dry litter
• Permanent supply of fresh water
• Healthy house environment
• Less mortality

Oval start cup
The oval start cup is designed for day-old turkeys. The special oval shape gives young turkeys easy drinking access to the cup. To facilitate the supply of water during the first days, a small ball can be placed in the in the cup to raise the water level.

Drip cup ring
This specially designed drip cup ring enlarges and adapts the start cup to a round drinking cup for adult turkeys.

Round drinking cup
This round drinking cup is for adult turkeys. The round shape reduces water spillage and promotes optimal litter conditions for a healthy environment.

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