Drinking equipment

Flushing system kits

With automatic operation, an actuator with coil is mounted on the top of the built-in solenoid valve of the I-Flow pressure regulator No.12.00.01000, which is controlled by the I-Control flush computer. The I-Control indicates how many times the drinking line has been flushed and the amount of water used, up to 7 days previously. It is easily adjustable to meet individual needs, such as, maximal flushing times per day, hours between flushing and flushing related to pollution and temperature. The I-Control has standard programs to flush broiler, rearing and layer houses. These programs can be adjusted to meet individual requirements. The alarm function gives a warning, for example, when the maximal times of flushing per day has been reached. An additional characteristic is the option to flush and fill all the drinking lines at once. This is ideal for adding vitamins, medicines and vaccinations to the drinking water as the first and the last nipple of the drinking line maintain the same amount of concentration.

Can be used with the Impex pressure regulators No.12.50.62300 and No.12.50.62350 with the automatic flushing system No.13.00.62360.  

Article number Description
13.00.60000 I-Control flush computer
Fits to I-Flow pressure regulator No. 12.00.01000. 
Article number Description
12.01.20000 I-Flow flushing actuator
Mounting set for flushing system for stable suspension, protection of the flushing set and to prevent the drinking line from turning.