Egg candlers and incubators

Powerlux candler with high power LED including 2.5 mtr cord and adapter. Supplied with 2 interchangeable rubber attachments: one for small and one for large eggs. Battery holder for use with 3 AA batteries. 
Article number Description
46.00.30300 Powerlux candler
Covatutto incubators. Suitable for all egg types. Humidifying basin and manual or semi-automatic outside turning.

220 Volt, 50 Hz., made of insulated plastic. Thermostatic temperature control, heating element, humidifying basin and ventilator.  
Article number Description
46.00.16000 Incubator B-16 with manual turning unit. Capacity: 4 goose, 11 duck, 16 chicken, 18 pheasant or 42 quail eggs. 60 Watt bulb
Article number Description
46.00.24000 Incubator B-24-ECO with semi-automatic turning. Analog reading. Capacity: 6 goose, 20 duck, 24 chicken, 30 pheasant or 70 quail eggs
46.00.24001 Incubator is identical to B-24-ECO however, with digital reading
Article number Description
46.00.16200 Incubator B-162 with semi-automatic turning. Analog reading. Capacity: 45 goose, 120 duck, 162 chicken, 180 pheasant or 420 quail eggs
46.00.16201 Incubator is identical to B-162 however, with digital reading
By using the turning unit, incubators operate automatic. 
Article number Description
46.01.20001 Turning unit for B-24
46.01.40001 Turning unit for B-162 (3 required)