Drinking equipment

Rabbit drinking systems

Rabbit drinking nipple of high quaility stainless steel, 10 mm Ø. Assembly by screwing nipple into PVC square tubing (1/8" thread) or extension piece. 
Article number Description
01.01.11000 Stainless steel rabbit nipple drinker
20.01.00000 PVC square nipple drinking tubing, available in various lengths
Nipple holder including stainless steel rabbit nipple and 10 mm T-piece, for cage mounting. 
Article number Description
54.00.48200 Nipple holder complete
54.00.40200 T-piece 10 x 7 x 10 mm for nipple holder
54.00.40100 PVC knee for nipple holder
Extension pieces for correct nipple height in rabbit cages. 1/8" male-female thread. 
Article number Description
18.00.14000 PVC extension piece 90º, 5 cm
18.00.14100 PVC extension piece, 6 cm
18.00.14200 PVC extension piece, 9 cm
18.00.14300 PVC extension piece, 12 cm
Article number Description
54.01.14800 Bottle holder with drinking cup, galvanized
54.01.14810 Bottle holder with drinking cup, PVC, 2 pieces
54.01.14820 Bottle holder with drinking cup, PVC/galvanized
Automatic drinker for rabbits and poultry with lid, drinking nipple and 90º extension piece. L x W x D: 19 x 11 x 12.5 cm. 
Article number Description
41.00.14219 Automatic drinker 1 ltr