Newsletter February

25 Febrero 2019

Newsletter February

VIV Asia | Cup drinking system for ducks | Product in the picture | Exhibition calender

VIV Asia 2019

From March 13 to 15 the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre will be the place where the VIV Asia 2019 will be held. This edition of the biennial event focusses on food engineering and completing the total foodchain. 

Economic growth, lifestyle up-grading and rising consumer demand for ready-to-eat food products is the current evolving scenario in Asia. More meatballs, sausages, and processed meat products are required to feed the market.

The Asian market’s development is leading to higher investments in advanced technologies and processing equipment that are used to add value to the animal protein end-products.

Visit our Impex stand in hall 99, stand 3426. Richard Wentzel, Danny Kracht and Olaf van Steenis are looking forward meeting you there!

Cup drinking system for ducks

Based on the success of our cup drinking system for turkeys, we have adapted this system to also be used for ducks. Because of the special drinking cup shape, the ducks can put in freely their entire head, replicating and stimulating their natural behaviour, which contributes to their health.

Specifications and advantages:

• Based on our successful cup drinking system for turkeys.
• Can be used for ducks of 3 weeks and older.
• Is used in addition to our nipple drinking system, but can also be used as a self-contained drinking system.
• By touching the pendulum, the ducks activate the nipple and water flows into the drinking cup.
• Due to the design of the cup, the ducks have the possibility to immerse not only the beak, but their entire head into the cup, replicating and stimulating their natural behaviour. The ducks can keep their nostrils clean and thus reduce infections. By completely submerging their head, the ducks can clean their eyes and spread water over their plumage.
• When used as a self-contained drinking system, 35-40 ducks each cup.

Do you want more information on the cup drinking system for ducks, do not hesitate to contact us.

'Product in the picture'

The water control unit 

For optimal use of the drinking system, we recommend the use of a water control unit. This pre-assembled panel consists of a water-resistant panel with a filter combination for reducing the pressure and filtering the water. The filter has a ball valve for cleaning the filter. To do so, you only need to open the ball valve, the dirt particles are washed away with the outflowing water. An extra advantage of this cleaning method is that during the cleaning, the supply of filtered water is maintained. A pressure gauge is mounted on the filter combination to read the water pressure. The water control unit also has a water meter and a bypass for mounting a liquid dosing pump. Other possible options are a solenoid valve and/or a pulse emitter with or without a digital display.

Do you want more information about the water control unit, visit our website or feel free to contact us. 

Exhibition calender

Beside the upcoming VIV Asia, both Impex and our dealers will be present at several exhibitions around the globe in the upcoming months.  
Visit our website for the up-to-date exhibition calender. 

Hopefully we will meet you at one of these exhibitions?!