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07 Noviembre 2017

Risen from the ashes!

Official opening factory Germany

On October 14th the new Impex factory in Germany was officially opened. This joyous day, with over 350 guests, was filled with speeches, factory tours, the official key transfer and blessings. In 2014 a fire destroyed the factory and from its ashes the world’s most modern drinking nipple factory was built. With state-of-the-art machines and robots, it is possible to continue delivering products that meet the three pillars Impex stands for, Innovation, Service and Quality.

The new factory has been built according to the principles of sustainability and responsible business. For example, the hot exhaust air of all production machines, after intensive purification, is reused as heating for the entire factory. All the production machines in the factory use oil as a lubricant. This oil, together with the oil from centrifugal cleaning the semi manufactured products and metal shavings and the oil in the exhaust air from the machines, is collected, filtered, purified and being reused. Because of this the employees work in an as optimal working climate as possible.

We celebrated the opening with and thanked everybody who was involved during the construction process of the new factory.

With this ultra-modern factory Impex is ready for the future to continue serving our clients and their end users in the best way possible with the highest quality.

New Logistics hall in Barneveld

In addition to the official inauguration of the factory in Germany, the new logistics hall in Barneveld has also been taken into use.

The new hall covers around 1200 m2, which is mainly used for cross docking, order despatch and loading. The new hall is equipped with a special loading dock, which allows trucks to be loaded more efficiently from the side.

New website!

Have you seen our new website?! For several weeks now the website has been completely renewed. On our website you will find all the information about our products, interesting knowledge articles and our corporate movie with an impression of how our products are being produced, assembled and tested. Also our exhibition schedule and latest news are published on the homepage. Want to know more? Visit!

Exhibitions in 2017 and 2018

The past months we, and our dealers, attended many exhibitions around the globe. In July we were present at the Aviana Kenya in Nairobi and in August our dealers participated at the Siavs in São Paolo, Brazil. In September Impex Gainesville joined the Latin American Poultry Congress in Mexico and early October we were at the Poultry Africa in Rwanda. Each show was successful in its own way. In Africa we were able to show the, many times still small, poultry farmers what the benefits are of a closed drinking system. In Mexico and Brazil we were able to talk to our existing clients and also make valuable new contacts. We want to thank everyone who visited us during these and the many other exhibitions over the last year!

Also in the new year, Impex will participate in many different international exhibitions. Impex will attend the VIV MEA in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 5-7 February. We will also be participating at the VIV Europe in Utrecht which is held from June 20 - 22 at the Jaarbeurs.

Keep an eye on our website and follow us on social media to be informed about the upcoming events! Hope to see you there!