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23 Enero 2018

VIV MEA 2018

The year 2018 has started and with that, an important exhibition is already coming up. VIV MEA in the United Arabic Emirates takes place from February 5-7 in Abu Dhabi. This international exhibition is being held for the second time and is  focusing on the Middle East and Africa.

During VIV MEA, Impex will present the latest products in drinking systems for livestock, including the I-Flush total hygiene solution which makes flushing of the drinking lines much easier. This system is the solution when it comes to a total hygiene concept. You can find us in Hal 5, stand E029.

Situated in the heart of mainland Middle Eastern, Abu Dhabi serves as a gateway to the emerging economies of the Greater Mekong Sub region. At VIV MEA suppliers from all segments of the Feed to Food chain are represented. From suppliers of feed (ingredients) and animal health, to equipment for breeding, farming, slaughtering & processing. The Feed to Food concepts brings together supply and demand and VIV MEA is the perfect opportunity to meet each other.

We hope to meet you there! Not registered yet? You can via this link: register here.

Non-debeaked hens

At the moment it seems that the ban on debeaking laying hens is being implemented this year in The Netherlands. For a long time already Impex has been researching the influence of non-debeaked beaks on the drinking behaviour of the hens. Normally, the ideal drinking position is a hen who has to reach with a straight neck for the nipple and the drop of water falls directly into the beak. However, untreated beaks make it almost impossible for the hens to drink in upright position from the nipple. The hens will bite more sideways at the nipple with an angled head and therefore causing a lot of spilling.

Impex has carefully studied which nipple gives the best results and recommends the I-Flex 14-SP nipple. This poultry drinking nipple with a 360? moveable pin is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and has a stainless steel seal. It is very suitable for different kinds of systems.
We have asked a number of Dutch poultry farmers with hens with untreated beaks regarding their findings after they switched to the I-Flex 14-SP nipple. All indicate that there is clearly less spillage compared to their old nipples. "The correct ratio between water release and sealing makes this nipple the optimal choice for hens with untreated beaks", according to the poultry farmers.

With non-debeaked hens it is also important to keep an close eye on the water pressure as the drinking behaviour changes. The water pressure partly determines the spillage of water. Furthermore, the height of the drinking lines is an important factor. With fixed systems the height of the drinking line can obviously not be adjusted, but here water pressure is the key factor to reduce water spillage. By choosing the right nipple and making sure you set the water to the correct pressure, spillage of water can be prevented as much as possible.

If you want more information about this topic, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to advise you!

Biofilm sensor and SPF eggs

In the 2nd half of 2017 the Hungarian company Prophyl Ltd.( started to use our Biofilm Sensor. Prophyl Ltd. produces SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) eggs in contractual relationship with Charles River Laboratories. The hatching eggs will be used for pharmaceutical purposes to develop or improve vaccines. For a SPF farm it is very important to supply hatching eggs in the “purest/cleanest” way possible.

The quality demands are extremely high when it comes to producing SPF eggs. The staff can’t carry any disease which is on the SPF list and receive an intensive three-month internal education. Also, any contact with animals that might spread SPF relevant diseases has to be avoided. On site there is also a special feed transport system, so that the bulk truck does not have to enter the farm. The chicken feed is heat treated at the farm before served to the animals.

The Biofilm Sensor gives Prophyl Ltd. a way to monitor the drinking water correctly. They are very satisfied in the data and results the Biofilm Sensor gives them and are planning to install the Biofilm Sensor in their other poultry houses as well. Herewith a link to an animated film in which the functioning of the Biofilm Sensor is explained.

Research at Schothorst Feed Research

Just before Christmas 2017, the new research facility for broilers by Schothorst Feed Research has been taken into use. This facility has two departments, each containing 96 with 20 broilers. Impex has provided all the drinking lines in this poultry house.

The facility is a test and research location where the effect on treatments for growth, feed intake and conversion are being monitored. Also the water intake and water/feed ratio can be watched and researched. With this facility Schothorst Feed Research is able to do research for national and international feed mill companies and suppliers of feed mill additives.

As the water intake is also closely being monitored and analysed, Impex can also do their benefit with test results. We are proud to be a part of this innovative project.

Products in the picture

Hanging clamp double anti-perch system
Beside our steel u-clamps that can be mounted on the existing drinking lines, we have a hanging clamp for the double anti-perch system. This new clamp can be used in combination with a Ø26,7 mm stabilization tube. In case you have a different size stabilization tube or using an aluminium profile, you can use the steel U-clamp.

Hand winch H-1800B
The assortment of winches has been expanded with the automatic brake hand winch H-1800B. This hand winch has a maximum hauling capacity of 815 kg and a 55 mm drum. For more information on our assortment winches, please take a look on our website.

Exhibition calendar

Besides VIV MEA there are several other exhibitions that either Impex or our dealers will be part off. Impex will be present at the China Animal Husbandry Expo in Chongqing, China from May 18-20. We will also be attending the VIV Europe that is returning this year from June 20-22 at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. For a full exhibition calendar including stand numbers please take a look at our website.