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27 Mayo 2019

Newsletter May

National Holidays

Due to National Holidays, Impex Barneveld is closed on Ascension Day (30 May) and 2nd day of Pentecost (10 June). We apologize for any inconvenience. 

30 years of collaboration with Indoor Group

In 1989 while travelling through the Netherlands, Thadeus, a man from Poland, also visited Impex in Barneveld. He was looking for new products for his company Indoor Group and immediately bought 1000 round drinker valves from Impex. Meanwhile, 30 years later, there is still an intensive and pleasant collaboration between Impex and Indoor Group.

To thank Indoor Group for their trust and loyalty to Impex, our Area Manager Remco Heijmen left for Poland in early April with a special reminder of this long-term collaboration. 

The surprise was big when it turned out that Dariusz Wronkowski from Indoor Group had also thought about this anniversary and had a beautiful plaque made. They in turn thanked Impex for 30 years of trust, support and deliveries.

Impex is proud of this collaboration and hopes to be able to continue this for years to come.

VIV Asia 2019

Last March the VIV Asia took place in Bangkok, Thailand. VIV Asia is every edition a very busy exhibition that attracts visitors from all over the world who are looking for the latest innovations in the field of animal husbandry.

For Impex it was again a very successful exhibition. We were able to greet many visitors at our stand and we had very valuable conversations with both existing and new relations.

During the Dutch Poultry Centre seminar (Holland Inspiration, the next steps for ducks and other poultry), colleague Danny Kracht gave a presentation about drinking systems specifically for ducks. There was a lot of interest, which ensured a good turnout.

All in all a very successful exhibition, for which we want to thank everyone involved. 

Knowledge center

Modern watering systems have been developed during the time when beak trimming was generally practiced and accepted. Due to new animal welfare findings more and more country implement a ban on this trimming practice. Producers however experience side effects of the ban and have to implement new management techniques. One major and often neglected side effect of the ban is that untreated birds have difficulties to take in sufficient water from nipples resulting in water spillage and wet litter. You can read about the consequences this has in poultry behaviour and performance in the article in our Knowledge center

'Product in the picture'

Poultry nipple drinker I-Flex 14-SP

The influence of untrimmed beaks on the drinking behaviour of poultry is big. The ideal drinking behaviour for a hen is if it has to stretch to reach for the nipple and can take the drop straight off the nipple. However, this is hampered by the untrimmed beak, resulting in a lot of spillage.

The I-Flex 14-SP nipple is a poultry drinking nipple with a 360 ° manoeuvrable pin. The nipple is made of high-quality stainless steel. The nipple is suitable for various poultry production systems. The correct water pressure in combination with the correct nipple can prevent spillage. If you want more information about the most suitable nipple for untrimmed beaks, please contact us. 

Impex stainless steel pig troughs

In a previous newsletter, you have already become acquainted with the Impex pig troughs.  These troughs are made of stainless steel. Thanks to the design, the piglets and pigs learn to use the drinking trough easily and quickly, so that they can absorb water efficiently and water spillage is kept to a minimum. The smooth finish makes it easy to keep the water bowl clean. All models are now available from stock.