Het belang van water voor varkens
18 november 2019

Water is het hoofdbestanddeel van elk organisme, dus ook van varkens. Water is in feite de belangrijkste voedingsstof die varkens tijdens hun leven consumeren. Varkens hebben water om diverse redenen...

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Vermorsing door onbehandelde leghennen verminderen?
06 september 2019

Onbehandelde leghennen hebben, na de invoering van het verbod op snavelbehandeling, meer moeite met het drinken uit de drinknippels. Ze vermorsen meer en de waterinname kan teruglopen. Dit kan uiteindelijk...

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Productie zonder antibiotica vereist extra aandacht voor waterhygiëne
20 augustus 2019

Wereldwijd beginnen consumenten zich zorgen te maken over het gebruik van antibiotica in de veehouderij en het effect hiervan op de gezondheid van de mens. Antibioticavrije kip begint meer en...

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Ban on beak trimming affects water intake and spillage
21 mei 2019

Modern watering systems have been developed during the time when beak trimming was generally practiced and accepted. Due to new animal welfare findings more and more country implement a ban...

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Hygiene in the poultry house means clean and fresh drinking water
18 oktober 2017

Hygiene in the poultry house should start with clean and fresh drinking water. Hygiene is very important in poultry houses. Especially when diseases such as bird flu, like the H5N8...

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The importance of water for pigs
15 juni 2016

Water is a key ingredient for every organism; thus, also for pigs. Water is in fact the most important nutrient consumed by the pig during its lifetime. Pigs require water...

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Proper drinker management can save you money
01 februari 2016

Wastage of water is costly and can occur due to several factors. By taking appropriate measures, water wastage can be prevented. Water management is very important for a healthy flock....

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Management of nipple drinkers for pigs
09 december 2015

Effective water management contributes to a good foundation for a healthy pig, but this is often neglected. At birth, the body weight of a piglet is 82 percent water. By the time...

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How does taste influence broiler water consumption?
27 augustus 2015

Early studies suggest that birds are much more sensitive to flavours in water than in feed. This sensitivity to flavours in water may be due to the fact that birds...

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Seven ways to avoid sow heat stress in hot weather
15 juni 2015

Heat stressed sows have a greater potential to experience seasonal infertility, smaller litter sizes, decreased embryo survival rates and death.Heat stress can have a major impact on sow performance and...

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How effective is your drinking water vaccination?
23 april 2015

Water is a perfect medium to present vaccines and or liquid feed additives to poultry. The commonly used nipple or cup drinker systems have proven to be excellent watering systems,...

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Bird welfare requires the best and most attractive nipple
30 maart 2015

For decades we have been told that red is the colour that attract chickens the most. For other drinker and drinking behaviour characteristics we too go by basic principles formulated...

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Water supply is most crucial
30 maart 2015

Water is of great importance in the diet of all production animals. In addition to financial consequences for the farmer, water wastage negatively influences animal performance. Optimal attention, therefore, must...

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Pig toys become the fashion in European pig farms
24 maart 2015

Pig toys are gaining popularity among pig farmers in Europe as one way to optimize pig welfare. The origin of the problem Tail biting is a major behavioural problem in...

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